Always locally sourced ingredients

Bavaria might never have become the beer world capital it is today if not for its natural bounty – and we take full advantage. Brewing in accordance with the 1516 Reinheitsgebot Purity Law might be limiting for some but we embrace it. When you have to use just four natural ingredients – hops, barley, mineral water and yeast - quality matters.

Pure mineral water

Our brewery only ever uses certified mineral water straight from an underground lake beneath the Ebersberger Forest. Drawn straight from its own well, the water down there is extremely old – perhaps between 5000 and 10,000 years old – and, as a result, is incredibly pure.

Hallertau hops

North of Munich, around 50 kilometres from the brewery, lies the world’s largest hop-growing region - the Hallertau. It is here that three of the hops – Northern Brewer, Perle and Hallertauer Tradition are sourced. The fourth, Tettnang Tettnanger – which gives Hofmeister its smooth, hoppy taste - is grown on the north shore of Lake Constance, near the Swiss border.

Local barley

Our barley is pretty special. Grown just a stone’s throw from where we brew and malt, it never travels far. Being local, we work directly with neighbouring farmers so we can handpick the perfect combination of rare barley strains to guarantee Hofmeister’s unique taste.


We believe passionately that time makes better beer. Our brewery holds the prestigious Slow Brew Seal, recognition of a commitment to following ancient Bavarian purity laws and slow-brewing for up to seven weeks at 0°C for a clean and exceptionally balanced pint.