Brewed without compromise

People and time: you can’t make great beer without them. Set in the very heart of Bavaria, our beers are handcrafted by an independent fourth generation family brewery where attentionto detail, integrity and an obvious commitment to quality is apparent in every sip of Hofmeister.

From field to malthouse

Unlike many other breweries, our journey begins at the brewery’s own on-site maltings where local farmers deliver in fresh barley straight from the harvest. Malted barley is then made ready for brewing through a traditional process involving controlled germination and kilning.

Mashing – the art of making

Following Hofmeister’s special recipe, mineral water, malted barley and hops come together in mash tuns. Combining the passion and skill developed over generations with modern techniques, master brewers create the wort that will go on to become the clear, crisp beer we know as Hofmeister.

Fermenting with precision

Continuity and the importance of time is apparent across the entire brewing process. We bottom ferment Hofmeister beer with our brewery’s own special strain of yeast, applying a delicate balance of skill and precision to ensure the perfect taste every time.

Slow brewing for perfection

Our beer is finally slow-brewed and cold-fermented for up to seven weeks at 0°C to guarantee a delicate, crisp, clean flavour. We believe passionately that time makes better beer, in fact our brewery is a certified expert. It was one of the first in Bavaria to be awarded the Slow Brewing Seal – recognition of competence, authenticity and a commitment to sustainability.

Natural filtration

We always use traditional filtration
methods for our Helles lager that
remove yeast naturally without the
need for any animal products. The
finished product is beautiful, bright,
golden beer that’s crisp and clean as
well as vegan.