A Hofmeister 5 litre mini keg is the ultimate party accessory. It’s everything you need to enjoy freshly poured, authentic Bavarian beer with friends - no other equipment needed.

Using a mini keg is really easy but there’s nothing like having an expert to show you how. That’s why we asked Beer Writer of the Year 2019 and founder of YouTube's Craft Beer Channel, Jonny Garrett, for his ‘Mini Keg 101’.

Check out this short video guide to find out how to open, pour and store your mini keg, top tips for getting the perfect pour and a little hint of what you can expect from a freshly poured pint of Helles or Weisse.

If that’s tempted you, mini kegs are available now on the Hofmeister shop here. One final tip – an ice cold Hofmeister stein glass is the icing on the cake. Prost!