Hofmeister Beer
ALC: 5.0% ABV
Serve: 8°C
Glass: Straight-sided

100% genuine bavarian beer

Made in the heart of Bavaria using natural mineral water and locally grown barley and hops, our new Hofmeister Helles Lager is slow-brewed colder and longer than most other beers today. That’s because we believe all the extra time and effort is well worth it. And when you try our fresher, subtly hoppy and gently carbonated Helles, we think you will too.

Helles Lager Tasting Notes

Colour: Light golden blonde beer
Look: Thick, white head
Aroma: Fresh, soft malt, subtle hop notes
Taste: Very clean, fragrant, long dry finish
Head: White, generous, foamy
Style: Gentle carbonation
Overall: Well-filtered, easy drinking, refreshing
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