Hofmeister Beer Glass

pour hofmeister like a bavarian

While our Helles is fantastic straight from the bottle, pour it the Bavarian way and you’ll release a whole world of hoppy aromas and classic maltiness. Not to mention, you’ll also create the generous foamy head that great Helles Lagers are famous for.  

Pouring Hofmeister Beer Step 1

Rinse a glass. Don’t dry it. This creates a more slippery surface inside the glass for a smoother pour and better head.

Pour Lager Beer at 45 degrees Step 2

Angle the glass 45° and pour half in slowly.

How to Pour Bavarian Beer Step 3

Straighten the glass and pour the rest in quickly. The head should be 3-5cm deep (or 1.5-2 inches if you remember Hof the first time round).

Pouring Blonde Beer Step 4

Then just sit back and enjoy our genuine Helles Lager like a Bavarian would. No lederhosen required.

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